20 Instagram Accounts Every Hunter Should Follow

Instagram Accounts Every Hunter

Here’s a list of Instagram accounts every hunter should follow. Get ready to be inspired…


Instagram has taken our society by storm. It’s every hunters dream. Sharing epic stories and adventures through photos or short video clips. It’s intriguing and has succeeded in capturing the daily attention of millions, including myself.

Think about it for a second. What’s the first thing you do every morning before crawling out of bed? Scroll through the latest Instagram feed, post a picture, and maybe even search for new Instagram accounts every hunter should follow? I know I do!

Instagram is even more important to hunting influencers in the outdoor industry. It provides them with a free branding platform where they can share their content with all of us. It eliminates the need for long copy (messaging) that a majority of us don’t read. Instead it enables them to compose a short message with an eye appealing photo or video to capture our attention.

Instagram Accounts Every Hunter Should Be Following

There’s millions of great Instagram hunting accounts out there. However, there’s a few that I follow regularly. They include outdoor celebrities, writers, photographers, fitness enthusiasts, editorials and content creators. They all share compelling photos/videos that every hunter wants to see; while at the same time inspiring us to pursue our adventures in the outdoors.

Below I’ve shared my list of 20 Instagram accounts every hunter should follow. Make sure you share them with all your hunting buddies. Have your phone handy and get ready to follow some awesome hunting accounts. It’ll make the offseason a little easier!

@Outdoor_Entrepreneurs: It only made sense to include our own account on this list. Give us a follow. We forge better hunters and inspire entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry – one story at a time. Learn More – Hunt Better – Think Smarter!

@WOSpaces: Your online source for all things hunting, fishing, shooting and outdoors. Make sure you hashtag #wospaces.

@WiredToHunt: Official Instagram of Mark Kenyon. Hunter, angler, explorer. Founder of, host of Wired To Hunt Podcast & writer published in Field & Stream, Outdoor Life and more.

@CameronrHanes: UA hunt athlete, ultra marathon runner and ultimate predator. Cam Hanes will be your inspiration to work harder.

@BowHunting.Com1: My favorite source for bowhunting news, information, product reviews, and hunting gear. Make sure you watch their awesome web series Bow Hunt or Die.

@MTNOps: An outdoor performance energy and nutrition company. Awesome fitness and hunting related content.

@ScentKapture: A new scent elimination company. They offer a full line of liquids to encapsulate and eliminate odor to get you closer to the memories that last a lifetime. Make sure you hashtag #scentkapture

@DruryOutdoors: Follow the DOD team as they share their hunting adventures from the Outdoor Channel and Pursuit Channel.

@TaylorDruryDOD: Drury Outdoors team member, UA hunt athlete, and Cabela’s ambassador. An inspiring young woman in the outdoor industry.

@MattDrury81: Brand manager at Drury Outdoors. Get the inside scoop on what the DOD is up to!

@SitkaGear: An innovative performance hunting apparel company. Check out their newest gear to keep you concealed during your hunt.

@Outdoor_Life: A classic source for awesome hunting and fishing content.

@GoHunt: Western hunting company focused on technology, media and lifestyle. They offer a great tool-set to make your life easier.

@Transition_Wild: Is focused on the pursuit of new adventures in the outdoors, as seen through the eyes of founder, Adam Parr, a Michigander who now lives in Colorado.

@HuntingProductGuru: Awesome content that features real reviews by real hunters. Make sure you hashtag #huntingproductguru

@DeerLab: Simplifies the process of managing and analyzing your trail camera photos. Follow their journey.

@Kid_West89: Follow Stephen West for some awesome content. He’s the Co-Host of Southern Chaos on the Sportsman Channel.

@HuntingTheCountry: The official page of Mossy Oak’s Hunting The Country, airing Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on the Outdoor Channel.

@JessDelo7: Really great hunting, fishing and outdoor photography. You’ll want to like everyone of her pictures!

@JohnStallone: Professional hunter, host of Days in The Wild TV and outdoor writer.


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