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Thank you for your interest in submitting a video to Outdoor Entrepreneurs. Submitting your video might just help you, your business, or your product get found! If approved your video will be uploaded directly to our website and youtube channel for maximum exposure to the outdoor community. Please review the below guidelines to verify if your content is eligible. We have sole authority to approve or deny any submission.

1 – Video must be Hunting or Outdoors related.

2 – Video may not exceed 10 minutes.

3 – Video must be of good clarity and focus.

4 – The content should be ethical, safe, legal and appropriate.

5 – You must include a brief written description of your video upon submission.

6 – Examples of video submissions:
Product promotion, Business promotion, Filmed hunts, Pro-Staff video, Outfitters video, Hunting reels, Trail Camera footage etc.

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