Flextone Hands Free All-N-One Grunt Call


Our October 2015 Product Review

Are you an avid bowhunter looking to purchase a new grunt call? Then the Flextone Hands Free All-N-One Grunt Call is one of the best options available on the market. I recently purchased one and couldn’t be more satisfied with this product. It’s extremely accessible and convenient. Us modern day bow hunters carry an assortment of gear with us into the woods. Having a small hands free grunt call at our disposal makes life in the stand that much easier. If you’re serious about bowhunting, I highly recommend you give this grunt call a shot…you won’t be disappointed.

Flextone Hands Free All-N-One Grunt Call:

The Flextone Hands Free All-N-One Grunt Call is the perfect grunt call for any bow hunter. The hands free construction allows you to keep your hands on your bow while focusing on calling that mature buck into range. It’s flexible design produces realistic sounds, and it’s rubber exterior ensures for quite maneuverability. The small chamber produces realistic grunts, bleats, and fawn bleats. Simply bite down on the barrel putting pressure on the reed to produce calls and grunts.

Key Features

Creates estrus bleats that are 2x louder than “can” type calls

Simple hands free nasal buck grunts

Perfect for bow hunting, but loud enough for gun season

Cup hand on end for variable tones and volumes


Here’s a great instructional video on this call

This grunt call is by far one of the simplest to use. If you’re in the market for a new grunt call, don’t hesitate to add this one to your arsenal. It’s maneuverable size enables hands free use, giving you the ability to call at full draw! Bite down and put different amounts of pressure on the reeds in order to produce doe bleats, fawn bleats, fawn distress, doe grunts, or just blow without biting for buck grunts. Click HERE to get yours today!

Until next time….Hunt Hard!


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