How Not To Turkey Hunt

How Not To Turkey Hunt

Don’t be a fool this turkey hunting season. Make sure you watch this video. Here’s exactly how NOT to turkey hunt…


Turkey hunting season is quickly approaching. I’ve been reading articles and watching youtube videos to get in the right frame of mind. There’s plenty of good content out there if you’re willing to do the research. On the flipside, there’s just as much garbage out there too. By garbage I mean how Not to turkey hunt!

Recently I came across a video that really struck a nerve. I couldn’t help but laugh at the stupidity of what I’d just witnessed. But my laughs quickly subsided as my urge to throat chop this amateur videographer took over.

Let’s be clear. It’s people partaking in stunts like this that make us hunters look bad. Am I an angel? Absolutely not. But one hunters mistake can reap havoc on our entire community.

So conduct yourself right this turkey season. If you’re not sure how to do that I suggest you watch this video. Here’s exactly how NOT to turkey hunt…


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