Hunt Lingo Saturday 03/12/2016

Hunt Lingo

It’s another Hunt Lingo Saturday and you’re right where you should be. Here’s a list of this week’s trending outdoor articles published on Outdoor Entrepreneurs and Wide Open Spaces…


Welcome to another Hunt Lingo Saturday here at Outdoor Entrepreneurs. It’s an exciting time of the year. The weather is slowly getting warmer, bass fishing season is here, shed hunting season is here and spring turkey hunting season is right around the corner. That’s a lot to be grateful for!

We have a great list of articles and videos for you this week that hone in on some of these popular topics. Before you get started, make sure you Like, Follow and Share our social media accounts for daily updates on new articles throughout the week. Thanks for your support!

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Let’s get started. Take a break from your to-do list, pull up a chair and get ready to raise your outdoor IQ…

BEST SPRING TURKEY HUNTING VIDEO FOR BEGINNERS:  If it’s your first spring turkey hunting season you need to watch this video. Kentucky Afield does an exceptional job of getting you up-to-speed.

10 CREATIVE USES FOR YOUR SHED HUNTING ANTLERS: You found some antlers, but what now? Check out these 10 awesome things you can do with your shed hunting finds.

20 INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS EVERY HUNTER SHOULD FOLLOW: Here’s a list of Instagram accounts every hunter should follow. Have your phone handy and tag a friend. Get ready to be inspired.

INCREASE YOUR BOW DRAW WEIGHT MAX WITH CAMERON HANES: Shoot further, faster and harder by doing these exercises with UA Hunt Athlete, Cameron Hanes. They’ll increase your bow draw weight max!

HOW NOT TO TURKEY HUNT: Be responsible this spring turkey hunting season. You’ll get the point after watching this video!

USE THIS CHECKLIST TO FIND A GOOD HUNTING BUDDY: After reading this you’ll know what to look for in a good hunting buddy.

30 INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS EVERY HUNTER SHOULD FOLLOW: Are you a hunter? Then here’s 30 more Instagram hunting accounts you should be following.







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