Hunting October Bucks


I love bowhunting October Bucks! It’s that magical time of year when cold fronts move in and the bucks are still predictable. Here’s a few tips on how to hunt and fill your October Buck tag.

First Cold Front:

The early weeks of October are not yet ideal for prime whitetail hunting. The last two weeks, however, offer some great opportunity at harvesting a mature buck. There’s one major factor that plays a huge role in this whitetail activity, weather. The first cold front seems to hit annually during these last two weeks of October. You should be a student of the weather this time of year. Know when the first cold front will be hitting your area and plan to get in the woods! The drop in temperature will increase deer movement and should trigger pre-rutting activity. The bucks will be on their feet!

Hunting Primary Scrapes:

Once that first cold front hits you can count on me getting after those October Bucks. But my stand placement isn’t just anywhere. During these last two weeks of October I hunt specifically over a primary scrape. What do I mean by primary? A primary scrape is created and used by one mature buck. This isn’t a community scrape which multiple bucks use. You’ll locate these scrapes near the entrance of a thick bedding area. They’re usually wide in width and have a single licking branch above them. Hunt these scrapes in the evening. Mature October bucks should be hitting these scrapes right before dark.

Window of Opportunity:

The last two weeks of October is referred to as the window of opportunity. This is attributed to the change in weather and the dwindling predictability of bucks prior to peak rutting activity. This window of opportunity is said to run between October 19th – 29th. Make sure you’re in the stand and hunting over a primary scrape between these dates.

October is arguably the most exciting time to be in the stand. In the last few days I’ve seen some great bucks fall. Make sure you take these tips into consideration during your October hunts. Remember, an educated hunter is a more successful hunter!

Until next time….Hunt Hard!


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