Tactics For Hunting The Rut


November is swiftly approaching. Bow hunters around the country are experiencing cold sweats, sleepless nights and flashbacks, and all can be attributed to one thing – Mature Whitetails!

Hunting The Rut is one of the most exciting times to be in the stand. However, some bow hunters let their emotions cloud their judgement and forget about the basics. Here are some rut preparation tactics to help keep you on your toes:

Locate Doe Bedding Areas:

When Hunting The Rut you should make it your business to locate doe bedding areas. Seems like common sense stuff but you’d be surprised how often this simple method is overlooked. Look for deer droppings varying in size and matted down beds close to brushy cover. This will help you identify group bedding areas. Bucks should be cruising these areas quite regularly. 

Utilize Your Grunt Call:

Don’t be afraid to use your grunt call. Bucks are more reluctant to respond to calls than usual this time of year. However, this doesn’t mean you should leave your grunt call in the truck. I’ve personally had some luck using a series of tending grunt calls to mimic a buck trailing a doe. Click HERE to watch a video on the tending grunt call.

Analyze Your Trail Camera Footage:

This is a great time of year to evaluate your trail camera footage. You should start to see some of your regular bucks not showing up. Pay close attention for any sign of deer pattern. Yes, deer movement will be sporadic throughout the rut. However, picking up on a consistent doe(s) sighting in a specific location could point you in the right direction.

Watch Your Scent & Wind:

This is a big one! Some bow hunters get so excited for the rut that they neglect the most basic hunting principals. That mature whitetail you’re after may be preoccupied trailing that hot doe, but it doesn’t mean neither of them will bust you. Continue to use your scent blocker / eliminator and always be mindful of wind direction.

10AM – 2PM Window:

 Another important one! For some hunters by the time the clock reads 8:30 am their patience has run out and they throw in the towel. Not many trophy whitetails have been taken by hunters with this mindset. When Hunting The Rut bucks will be moving throughout the day in search of a doe in estrus. Peak movement is thought to come between 10am – 2pm. Be patient and prep to stay in the stand between these hours. Packing a small lunch for your hunt the night before will give you an extra incentive to stay put. Click HERE to read about hunting midday bucks during the rut.

Proper planning prevents piss poor performance! Make sure you’re ready for Hunting The Rut. Utilizing these simple tactics can be the difference between being skunked and harvesting the deer of your dreams.

Until next time….Hunt Hard!



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