Kansas Big Buck Story

Kansas Big Buck Story

It can all change in a matter of seconds. My friend Adam Parr of Transition Wild can certainly contest to that. Adam recently filled his November buck tag by arrowing a mature Kansas Whitetail. After many unsuccessful outings, his morale was put to the test during this years rut. Fortunately, he hunted hard to harvest a buck of a lifetime.

Here’s His Kansas Big Buck story..

At approximately 7:25am, an hour after first light I see a bigger bodied deer moving out in front of me at 60 yards, but could not yet determine what it was. A few moments later he clears the thick brush and I immediately determine he’s a shooter and my heart begins to race!

He moves his way in closer, alone and oddly enough with the wind at his back as he funneled off to my right at 70 yards. Knowing he was too far for a shot and would likely move past me out of range, I reached for my Quaker Boy Can Call and let out a nice long doe bleat. It immediately caught his attention and fired him up enough to work a scrape that was close by. After he finished working the scrape he started walking my way, but once again, I had no shot opportunities as he paralleled my tree at 35 yards! I let him move past me which gave me some time to reach for my Quaker Boy Grunt Call and I let out a soft, quick buck grunt. In an instant he wheeled right around and made a bee-line right for my tree; quickly closing the distance to 10 yards!

I don’t know if he picked up my human scent from the night before or if it was because he didn’t see the buck that should be standing in front of him but he got spooky and made a quick, 180 degree turn directly away from me. I used this to my advantage, immediately drew my bow and began looking for an opening to get a shot off. After holding for 10 seconds he made his way into an opening and I stopped him with a mouth grunt at 20 yards broadside.

I settled my pin on his chest and, let off the shot and watched as my arrow flew directly into his chest cavity! The shot placement was absolutely perfect and upon initial impact, blood was pouring out of the entry hole so I knew I had hit him good, most likely through the heart. I watched him run off and he started to do the “dizzy dance” at 60 yards. He stumbled out of sight behind a large cedar tree and moments later I heard him crash. In an instant, the woods were silent again.

At this point I completely lost it and was celebrating beyond belief; shaking uncontrollably in my tree stand. I could not believe it came together on the last day of my hunt and I was ecstatic to finally have a beautiful, mature, Kansas buck on the ground!

I texted the guys and waited for Dustin to arrive so that we could track him together and allowing extra minutes of caution for the buck to fully expire. 20 minutes later Dustin shows up and we follow an amazing blood trail to my buck that looks like someone dumped a can of red paint on the ground. I can’t say enough good things about Rage broadheads and will continue to shoot them year after year. I was using Rage Hypodermics and they are absolutely devastating, leaving a blood trail that you can run down if you wanted to.

I was a happy camper to say the least and it felt great to get my hands around his beautiful, symmetrical frame. He ended up gross scoring 150 2/8” as a typical 10 pointer and is my biggest buck to date.

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It’s amazing, one second you’re skunked and the next you’re celebrating a buck of a lifetime. It just goes to show you that anything can happen during the rut. In the end, all the long sits, early mornings and missed opportunities are well worth it. Maybe you’ve had a similar successful hunting story this season. If so, we would love to hear about it. Your story might just be featured in our next Big Buck story.

Until next time….Hunt Hard!

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