Learn How To Score A Buck

How To Score A Buck

Grab a measuring tape and turn your speakers up. Here’s a lesson from the pros on how to score a buck.


It’s almost that time of year. The moment when you’re reunited with your trophy buck! If you were fortunate enough to fill your buck tag this season the anticipation should be setting in.

Your trigger finger has probably been hovering over your taxidermist’s phone number in your contact list. Well it’s time to whip out that measuring tape while your waiting. Don’t you want to finally learn how to score a buck? 

Enough with the guessing. Here’s a great DIY video from Kentucky Afield that teaches you the process of how to score a buck – the right way.

Kentucky Afield does a great job a breaking down the process for you. They explain the four key measurements required to compute the accurate antler score:

  • Main Beam Length
  • Inside Spread
  • Tine Lengths
  • Antler Circumference

The days of estimating your deers score are over. Now you know how to score a buck. I bet your even more excited to get your mount back than before you read this post. I know I am! 



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