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It’s an exciting time to be a hunter. Today’s outdoor industry is more competitive than ever, and for the better. We’re privileged to be surrounded by some of the best Outdoor Industry Influencers in the history. From an Ultra Marathon runner too innovative content creators. They’ve contributed tremendously to the cause, and help keep our passion for hunting and the outdoors alive.

Their reach has inspired many young outdoor entrepreneurs such as myself. In response, the dream of aligning your career with your passion for the outdoors is thriving more than ever. New startups, businesses and products are being created everyday. These idols have brought a ton of attention to the hunting and outdoors scene. Even non-hunters have been influenced by their content. Leading to greater support in hunter conservation throughout the nation. It’s an exciting time!

My vision for creating this site was to do the same. I wanted to create a site where young hunters and those alike can come, learn about hunting and read interviews from successful entrepreneurs such as those listed below. Making you not only a better hunter but also educating you on how to pursue business or career aspirations in the outdoor industry. So below I’ve listed Just a Few of those influencers who’ve made the biggest impact on me throughout the years. Incase you haven’t heard of one of these entrepreneurs I’ve included links to their sites below. Just remember, fulfilling your dreams doesn’t come easy but they most certainly are achievable. The names below are examples of that!



In no particular order….

Outdoors Industry Influencers

Outdoors Industry Influencers

  • Eva Shockey – Co-Host Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures

Outdoors Industry Influencers

Outdoors Industry Influencers

Outdoors Industry Influencers

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