Shed Hunting: Where You Should Look To Find More Bone

Shed Hunting

Finding more bone while shed hunting starts with you searching in the right locations. Start off by looking in these three areas this shed season.


Shed hunting season is upon us. It’s a bone frenzy that’s taken the outdoor community by storm. Time to figure out who made it through the season and who hasn’t. Round-up your hunting buddies and get out there.

However, don’t just prance around your property while shed hunting this season. Look in these three areas to help you locate more bone this year. You’ll sleep better this offseason!

Feeding Areas:

Deer hunting season has come to a close and the winter months are here. This time of year is tough for whitetail bucks. They’ve spent much of the season eluding hunters, enduring the rut and fending off inferior bucks. Their main priority this offseason is consuming calories. They’ll be searching for and frequenting major food sources this time of year. Locate your properties primary food source and start your shed hunting adventures there.

Shed Hunting

Bedding Areas:

There’s two types of bedding areas you should be looking for, thermal bedding areas and solar bedding areas. Thermal bedding areas are thick brush where a buck will go to stay out of the elements during harsh weather. Solar bedding areas are usually hill tops where bucks will bed during midday to catch some sun. When looking for sheds, the best of two locations to look is thermal bedding areas. A buck’s antlers will usually get caught up in the thick brush. You’ll have a high probability of finding sheds in these areas.

Shed Hunting

Deer Trails With Obstacles:

These are sometimes the most obvious, yet forgotten locations to look for sheds. They can be worn out deer trails or fence crossings. Keep an eye out for obstacles such as logs or low lying branches overlaying worn out trails. A buck’s antlers will usually drop when traveling through this rough terrain. One of my favorite locations to find sheds is fence lines. A buck will drop his antlers after leaping these man made obstacles. Locate these locations on your property and give them a go this shed season.

Shed Hunting

Make sure you find and search these three areas this shed season. Finding the bone and figuring out what buck’s you’ll be hunting next season are important. Happy shed hunting!


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